And then there were five

We’re proud to announce the addition of two new reviewers to Team eBird Michigan: Marc North and Joe Kaplan. This is a long-awaited move that we have been building toward for over a year now, and represents the culmination of much planning and preparation.

We welcome Marc North of Eaton Rapids (originally of Lupton, Ogemaw Co.). Marc was brought into birding early on by his grandmother who weaned him on her trusty porro prisms and old edition Peterson Guide. He will be familiar to anyone who follows Mich-Listers or has chased state rarities over the past several years throughout the state. Marc is a Health Physicist with a flexible travel schedule, allowing him a healthy birding habit. He is also a licensed falconer who currently flies a Terceletto (male) Aplomado named Little Arnold.


Marc will be reviewing a 5 county area encompassing Eaton, Calhoun, Jackson, Branch, and Hillsdale.

We also welcome Joe Kaplan of Escanaba (originally of Oakland Co.), an alumnus of Michigan State and Michigan Tech. Joe needs no introduction to most Michigan birders, being a multi-decade stalwart of the Michigan ornithology and birding scene. Joe is a founder of Common Coast Research and Conservation, a non-profit dedicated to the study and conservation of Great Lakes migratory birds with current projects focused on conservation and study of Common Loon, Purple Martin, and Black Tern populations in northern Michigan, along with management of stopover habitat along Lake Michigan shoreline through the Escanaba Migratory Bird Enhancement Initiative (EMBEI). Joe is also active through Michigan Audubon with Whitefish Point issues, having been instrumental in protecting the Point through the National Wildlife Refuge system. He is also a former Whitefish Point raptor counter. Further afield, Joe spends a month at sea every year in the Antarctic as a guide, lecturer, and zodiac driver for Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris. Joe will be reviewing a 12 county area encompassing all of the Upper Peninsula except Luce, Chippewa, and Mackinac.


Here is a summary map of the new review areas:


We know all of you in their areas will enjoy working with Marc and Joe. Look for at least one more addition to Team eBird Michigan over the next year.

Adam, Brian, Caleb, Joe, and Marc


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